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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Speak English or Else! Keeping the dice loaded.

Don't know nothin’ ‘bout history.
Forget about biology!
Hardly opened up a science book.
French, I never gave a second look.

You may be a doctor with a fine degree
But If you can’t speak English
Just like me,
You’re nobody I need to see.

Native speakers of English have a huge, unearned social and business advantage over those who come to it later in life. Many do not want to give up that advantage. You may have gone through school learning little, yet have a communication skill, a tone of voice, merely, learned as a child, that gives you an edge in the US over the most educated person who learned English as a second language. To a similarly uneducated American ear, you sound "natural."

No wonder you’re afraid to recognize another language besides American English as official: you’ll lose your undeserved competitive edge in many arenas of life.

To continue this train of thought see Cultural Domination and the Teaching of ESOL

-- EGR