Thursday, February 24, 2011

To Improve the Schools, Hunt for Witches!

How can you tell who’s a witch? It’s sometimes difficult: they seldom wear pointy black hats anymore. However, in education you can spot them because they talk about – in public even – what everyone already knows and disregards. They mention and hold up for inspection, even, the “elephants in the room.” They must be silenced because, as every “politically sensitive” person knows, Truth Does Not Help!

Those of you who are considering going into education might well look into the case of a Bucks County, Pennsylvania teacher, who, so to speak, “violated the secrecy of the confessional”: she published a blog criticizing the failings of her students (and, by implication, the failing of their parents), although not identifying the students themselves.

If you’ve got to toe the line on secrecy that tightly, you bloggers – or letter-writers, even -- might as well go into an occupation or profession that gives you far more in pay and perks and far less abuse, e.g. the NSA or CIA or Special Forces. Even now, the principal of her school is adding his own bundle of faggots – she "debased the disabled" (Phila Inquirer 2/24/11, B1) -- to the bonfire preparations expecting to immolate the sorry, indiscreet wench at the next school board auto-da-fe. Just remember, Truth Does Not Help!

Public schools, far from being a powerful reformative influence, reflect the basic advantages and disgraces of their communities. If you, personally, don’t have the inclination – or the guts – to struggle with this, don’t go into teaching.

To examine these issues further, see Public Schools: Our Face in the Mirror

--- EGR

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